Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Below are four of the closest foundation swatches in a shalt not be named line.

Notice how the second from left in the leftmost picture looks pretty good!

Ah- but wait! As any seasoned foundation wearer knows, it's time to run to the window.

Yikes. I just got lampfished. I am really really funny, because lampfish are actual fish and... sorry, I will stop now.

But why? Why does this happen?

Fluorescent bulbs typically used in stores have both a warm color temperature and lower CRI (color rendering index) rating- in other words, how accurately you can distinguish between colors. While this usually helps with a cozy, inviting atmosphere, it makes it extremely hard to see small color differences, but those only become obvious when you try to coat your face in it and walk into the daylight.

This all to say that be careful when choosing your light source to check your foundation match, and maybe just wait around a bit for MimicID to finally release something to help with that. :)

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