Karin Layton

Founder, BoldHue

I woke up one morning with another excruciating migraine, something I had been dealing with for several years. It was another day that I dreaded going into work. As I put on my foundation in an effort to hide how sick I looked, I realized it didn’t match my olive toned skin, like I thought it did in the store. In fact, it ended up making me look worse, even more sickly. With tears in my eyes and pure frustration I wiped it off and I headed to work just to encounter the same questions and comments I got on my worst days: Are you ok? You look sick, you poor thing. 

Thankfully after years of not knowing what was wrong with me I was finally properly diagnosed with chronic illness and treated appropriately. However, even with my newfound ability to shop for hours in brightly lit, heavily perfumed makeup shops, I was still frustrated by my inability to find a matching foundation. And while not everyone else struggles with a chronic illness, I am not alone in this frustration.

As I shared my story with others I realized that with each different person and their own unique stories for wearing makeup, we were all, in our own ways, running into the exact same problems. I then asked myself, why? Why was finding your personalized color match within foundation so hard?